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Strategic Plan Emerges From Clouds of Negativity

Parent Leadership Academy reveals many developments in the Strategic Plan. Read how these positive changes will impact MHS students. Continue reading

Back to School Essentials

Lets face it; whether we like it or not the first day of school is rapidly approaching. While trying to enjoy your last glorious day of summer break, the burden of back-to-school stress can feel overwhelming! From figuring out your schedule to having the right school supplies, your first day can seem scary. However, with … Continue reading

Reflecting on The Bull

Looking back on the blog’s first year, it’s most successful articles and the challenges of being a teen blogger. Continue reading

A Mountie’s Guide to Acing Finals

Warning: This study guide is a bit snazzier than the traditional, and very boring tried and true methods of studying for finals (like review your notes and make an outline). So if you’re into taking a walk on the wild side, this guide may be for you! So we’ve all been there – cramming for final exams until … Continue reading

School Lunches: It’s About More than Food

Could Chartwells, the district’s school lunch provider, be getting the boot after their first year as the Montclair Board of Education looks for alternatives? Continue reading

Why You Need to Read “Catcher in the Rye”

Do you ever get the feeling when you’re big fan of something, that if no one else notices it, their lives are incomplete? That is the way I feel about The Catcher in the Rye. It is a beautiful book and I want you to read it. I came upon this gem rather reluctantly. My parents were … Continue reading

CGI and CSJ: Is It a Black and White Issue?

Montclair High is a school critically acclaimed for its diversity. The institution receives an abundance of praise because its students come from all different backgrounds, and it is thought to be a suburban school like no other. There is, however, an underlying separation of the classes and of the races, that so greatly contradicts the … Continue reading

Let’s Call it a Tie, But Look Who Got into Harvard…

We all know about the MHS vs. MKA rivalies; it’s part of going to either school. Our annual Montclair Cup hockey game can get pretty nasty, and there are some equally rude things said about both schools. One point of conflict that typically makes many MKA’ers feel superior is who gets into the “better” colleges. … Continue reading

The Clean Potty Search

Paper towels. Chewed gum. Gum wrappers. Weave. Spit. These are only a few of the many things you might find in the sinks of girls bathrooms at MHS. Not only does the presence of these items in the sink make it hard, if not impossible to wash your hands – it’s completley gross. And if … Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Put an End to Stress

Let’s face it: school is extremely stressful! The workload progressively gets more and more intense each year. Students are scrambling to complete their IDs, DBQs, chem labs, etc. while studying for tests, participating in sports, and maintaining their social lives. At times, the stress can be overwhelming. We often find this stress unmanageable and unavoidable, which consequently … Continue reading

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