The Bull was born in June 2011 when it’s founder and editor, Lauren Glasse, was reviewing the list of clubs in the Montclair High School student planner. Searching for a writing or newspaper club, it became apparent that the The Mountaineer, the school newspaper, was only open to junior and senior students taking the journalism class. The solution: create a new blog for the Montclair High community featuring current news, upcoming events and student opinions on relevant subjects.  Some of Montclair High’s talented aspiring writers agreed to be contributors, and the rest is history.

The Bull is a growing independent news source for the Montclair High School community covering school topics, events, activities and opinions. We welcome all readers in the Montclair, New Jersey community and beyond to get the students’ perspective. The Bull is open to input, suggestions and comments from all readers as well as new MHS student writers and contributors. We only ask that you keep it clean and relevant.  Personal attacks and inappropriate language will not be posted.

Disclaimer – click here to read The Bull‘s disclaimer.

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