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Love Shouldn’t Hurt at MHS

Awareness of teen dating violence was brought to Montclair High School in February through the efforts of two active student clubs, the Key Club and Sisters on the Runway. In cooperation with LoveIsRespect.org, the Key Club organized the signing of a student pledge in the main cafeteria and hung posters displaying the startling statistics about dating abuse. Students were asked to sign pledges of respect and appropriate conduct including to, “never hurt my girlfriend/boyfriend physically, verbally, or emotionally,” and “not to be controlling or manipulative.” The pledges are currently on display in the main building hallway.

Sisters on the Runway, now in its ninth year at MHS, is dedicated to raising money for victims of domestic violence through various school fundraisers and an annual Spring fashion show. Their awareness campaign this year also focused on “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” and featured a video featuring 32 club members sharing statistics, encouraging words, and information for victims on handling domestic and dating abuse.  The video, in addition to photos of club members posing with “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” signs, is now advertised on members’ Facebook and other social media accounts. The club’s intent was to raise awareness among their own friends and family in an unobtrusive way.

Sisters on the Runway will continue to bring awareness to domestic and dating abuse and hopes to increase their funding to local shelters this year. Last year the club raised $4,000 for an area shelter. Details of the club’s Spring fashion show will be announced soon.

Watch Sisters on the Runway’s “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” video here –

Love Shouldn’t Hurt. from Annie Blackman on Vimeo.


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