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The Bull on Johns Hopkins University

Instagramed by Lauren Glasse

Instagramed by Lauren Glasse

Location: Baltimore, MD (190 miles from Montclair)
# of Undergrads Attending: 5,980
Percent Accepted: 17%
Most Popular Majors: Public Health, International Relations & Affairs, Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering, Economics, Psychology

What I Liked:

  • The plethora of studies and majors offered – you could pretty much study almost anything at Hopkins.
  • Johns Hopkins emphasizes getting involved in the Baltimore community – students at the info session talked about the many well-established volunteer programs that encourage participation from all students.
  • The Homewood campus is expansive and beautiful. Many of the buildings are newly constructed, but their designs are consistent with the original colonial architecture of Hopkins’ landmark buildings.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The student tour-guide gave my group an unimpressive presentation of the school; she seemed  ill-informed and was unable to answer many of the questions asked. Before I went to the dazzling info session, my overall impression of the school was not good.
  • The majority of students are science majors.
  • Although certain areas of Baltimore are very nice, the city ranks as the 9th most dangerous city in America with high violent crime and homicide rates.

Seems like a great college for… science-oriented students looking for a diverse student population and a city environment (liking lacrosse doesn’t hurt either).
Something unexpected was…the really advanced security system around on-campus dorms. Cameras programed with memory of hundreds of suspicious activities keep watch over the area surrounding the dorms. If they spot a suspicious person campus security is alerted and sent to the scene. 

The Bull welcomes contributions to this series of college reviews by MHS students. Please email lauren.thebullmhs@gmail.com for more details.


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