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The Bull on George Washington University (Round 2)

© Forbes

© Forbes

Location: Washington, DC (230 miles from Montclair)
# of Undergrads Attending: 9,527
Percent Accepted: 32%
Most Popular Majors: Media and Public Affairs, Biology, International Business, Political Science, Finance

What I Liked:

  • The strong focus on internships—students have so many great connections because of the close proximity to the IMF and the World Bank.
  • The housing—even though GW is located in the heart of the city, freshmen and sophomores are guaranteed housing and over 80% of students live on campus. Students have their own bathrooms within their dorm rooms.
  • The Mt. Vernon campus (15 minute bus ride away, 24-hour shuttle service). The open, green setting is a break from the urban campus for students.
  • The strong ties to DC culture and political happenings.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The modern architecture.
  • The constant construction—tour guides will note that campus seems to be constantly improving and under renovation.
  • The dining hall and meal plan—the main dining hall is pretty small and does not offer much. Most students eat off campus.

Seems like a great college for… Someone ready to jump into internships and start shaping their career path. Someone involved in politics, and city-savvy students looking for both great culture and academics.
Something unexpected was… there is a 24-hour Starbucks in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood very close to the GW urban campus!

The Bull welcomes contributions to this series of college reviews by MHS students. Please email lauren.thebullmhs@gmail.com for more details.


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