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Second Day of Trial Reveals 93-91 Vote Count

photoA small brightly-lit classroom was the setting today for the closing session of the Supreme Court trial that will inevitably decide how CGI Presidential elections proceed in the future. Few students were allowed access to the closed hearing of Bonesteel v. Internal Affairs Elections Committee due to limited space and the unavailability of the LGI.  Several members of the Executive Department and student and teacher witnesses were in attendance, including Mr. Manos, Ms. Steinbach, Elections Chair Jenny Friedman, and one student who arrived late to 2nd period on the day of the runoff election and was not able to cast a ballot due to lack of information on late procedure.

During testimony it was revealed that two students who arrived late to 2nd period on the day of the runoff election were treated very differently. One was advised by her teacher, Ms. Stein, to go to Internal Affairs to see if she could still vote as the election results had not been announced, while the other was told by Ms. Steinbach that votes were already taken and that is was probably too late to vote. Ms. Steinbach was called to testify and stated that if she had known that her student was still permitted to cast a ballot, she would have instructed her to attempt to vote.

One dramatic point during the trial was the disclosure of previously denied confidential information regarding the vote tally. After the Court heard the closing statements, Chief Justice Nora Ellmann re-called Jenny Friedman to the stand and immediately asked her for the vote count. Hesitating, Jenny Friedman directed her glance to Mr. Manos and asked “uh, am I allowed to reveal it?” After his quick nod, Friedman replied “it was 93-91 in favor of Beth Connors.”

The trial concluded with no clear determination of who the winner would have been had all the votes been counted – those of the tardy students and all of the absent students who did not have the opportunity to vote; however, the closeness of the count and the confusing records discussed during the trial will likely be considered by the Court in deciding if the voting procedures were unconstitutional.

In closing, counsel to Bonesteel, Izzy Levy, declared that “every CGI student who wanted to cast a vote was not afforded the opportunity to cast a vote.” One student absent on the day of the runoff election, senior Allie Caruso, said, “I really would have liked to vote, especially because it’s my last year in the Institute. I wish there was an absentee ballot I could have used.”

Chief Justice Nora Ellmann informed The Bull that the Court would deliberate tomorrow and will most likely have a decision by the end of the day, or Thursday at the latest. Check back tomorrow for more updates!


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