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Debates Held for the 2013-2014 CGI Presidency

Today’s CGI Presidential Debate held in the LGI helped students get a closer look at the pairs of candidates and their platforms. The tickets for President and Vice President for the 2013-2014 school year are Anna Bonesteel and Will Garner, Beth Connors and Henry Solotaroff-Webber, Elena Tsemberis and Emma Axelrod, Gabe Rosenthal and Henry Whipple, and Sarah Bjerklie and Alessandra Canario.

Question 1: What have you done during your two years in CGI?
Beth Connors: Pointed out her time as CGI sophomore class president, her work on the snow flake drive, her help with the CGI State Dinner, and her help planning the CGI retreat.

Elena Tsemberis: Described her time in the National Action department, which included her work with Pathways to Housing and organizing a symposium. Also, Elena talked about how she and Emma started a national campaign to get a female moderator for the 2012 Presidential debates.

Sarah Bjerklie: Discussed her background working with the past department Global Action and her current work in Executive in President Ephros’ cabinet. Furthermore, she discussed her role in registering voters in the Montclair community for the 2012 US Presidential election.

Gabe Rosenthal: Discussed his leadership in CGI through being the Chair of the National Action department. Gabe also discussed his work on the Farm Bill last year and his work organizing the Youth Summit.

Anna Bonesteel: Discussed her role in the Arts department and organizing last year’s and this year’s Art Show. Furthermore, she talked about how she is a quality and contributing member to the legislative body of CGI.

Question 2: What outside leadership experience have you had?
Elena Tsemberis: Elena is a two sport athlete playing both volleyball and softball, and she was the freshman and sophomore captain of both teams. Elena has also been active at Montclair Board of Education meetings.

Sarah Bjerklie: Sarah discussed her creation of the Ballroom Dance club and her time on the swim team as well as her leadership while working as a summer camp CIT leading 30 plus 5-6 year olds.

Gabe Rosenthal: Gabe displayed his leadership outside of CGI through being on a council at his church and through a summer job as a counselor at Surf and Turf camp. Gabe said through these experiences he “learned how to control people”.

Anna Bonesteel: Anna’s outside leadership experiences include being on the SVPA Board, being on Sound Crew, Photography Club, Science Olympiad, and helping to organize Battle of the Bands.

Beth Connors: Beth’s outside leadership experience is shown through her MHS Swim team spirit award and her camp counseling experiences.

Question 3: To the Vice Presidental candidates, why are you running for Vice President?

Alessandra Canario: Alessandra said that she has always enjoyed holding positions of power and that being the VP would give her the opportunity to give more to CGI.

Henry Whipple: Henry is running for VP because he has a similar vision for CGI as Gabe and he wants to modify the CGI recruiting process.

Will Garner: Will is running because he thinks Anna Bonesteel is the best Presidential candidate and wants to help her accomplish her goals for CGI.

Henry Solotoff Webber: Henry was thrilled that Beth asked him to run with her and wants to make CGI an even greater institute.

Emma Axelrod: Emma is running for VP because she has been great friends with Elena for a long time and they have worked well together on many leadership projects.

Question 4: What is first on your agenda if you are elected?

Gabe Rosenthal: Gabe’s first plan of action is to reform recruiting through a CGI open house, at which representatives from all departments will meet with prospective CGI students, and also through debate nights open to the public.

Anna Bonesteel: The first thing Anna will address if elected is the separation of powers within CGI, which has resulted in students not knowing where to go and when things are due.

Beth Connors: The first thing on Beth’s agenda is to make CGI a close-knit family. She wants to send Hogwarts-like letters to incoming sophomores to get them excited about CGI and host a barbecue before the school year for everyone to get to know one another.

Elena Tsemberis: Elena wants to make CGI as close-knit as possible and will have an open door policy where students can meet with Elena and Emma to discuss CGI issues during lunch, over Facebook or outside of school.

Sarah Bjerklie: Sarah wants to increase students’ passion in CGI and for students to explore their other passions while in CGI.

Question 5: What makes you and your running mate a good team?
Anna Bonesteel: Anna thinks that since she and her partner are “whole students” who not only care about CGI but other things, meaning that they can create a better environment for all students in CGI. Will believes that his friendship with Anna will make them a great President and Vice President pair.

Beth Connors: Beth thinks she and Henry can work well together because Henry is funny, smart, and caring which makes him a great person to work with. Henry thinks they make a great team because Beth is an amazing person.

Elena Tsemberis: Elena thinks that she and Emma will make a good team because they have both taken advantage of everything CGI has to offer and their friendship grew through spending time together in CGI.

Sarah Bjerklie: Sarah believes she and Alessandra will be a dynamic duo because they both have a serious work ethic that will enact change.

Gabe Rosenthal: Gabe believes that he and Henry will make a strong team because Henry is level headed, balancing out his personality.  Gabe knows how to balance time and they both have similar visions for CGI.

Question 6: What makes you different from the other candidates?

Elena Tsemberis: Elena and Emma believe that they can give 110% to CGI because it is their primary focus.

Sarah Bjerklie: Sarah and Alessandra believe that they would put CGI above all other things in their lives.

Gabe Rosenthal: This pair is the only all male ticket and will be different because they have active roles on the Crew, Cross Country and Track teams.

Anna Bonesteel: Anna thinks she is different because she knows how it feels to both love and hate CGI.

Beth Connors: Beth believes she is different because she is the only candidate with specific plans for CGI.


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