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Girls are Abuzz About Junior Prom

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 7.09.06 PMIt’s that time of year again! Although it is not for at least two months, prom season has officially begun. Scheduled for May 28th, 29th or 30th at Mayfair Farms, the buzz and excitement over the best prom dresses is now in full swing and at high volume. Junior girls at MHS have already begun to post their chosen dresses on the Junior Prom Dresses Facebook group, which was created to make sure that no one buys the same dress. The rush to find the best dress has started, and many girls already know exactly what they want to wear and have known for months. Dresses range from short to long, black to white or casual to dressy and the majority of the dresses are from stores such as Lulu’s, Nasty Gal and Free People. So far, most of the dresses appear to be at respectable prices, as one student said, “I just fell in love with a dress that is $225; I can’t afford that.” Several girls are still undecided and have not even thought about looking, but there is still plenty of time to find the perfect dress. According to a sophomore that went to junior prom last year, “The prom itself really wasn’t all that fun, but dressing up, getting my hair done and taking pre-prom pictures was the best part.”

According to Seventeen Magazine, the top prom trends of 2013 include high necklines, chiffon layers and cutouts. Seventeen also reports that the best prom shoes include jewel tones, fairy satin pumps and wedges. Not willing to spend $100 on a pair of shoes you may only wear once? Students are finding that stores such as DSW and Bloomingdales offer great shoes at great low prices. Top designer Sheri Hill says that this year’s prom hair is going to be all about the up-do, while red lipstick will be the bold choice. As the weather begins to get warm and spring fever is in the air, you will be guaranteed to hear more talk about the one night of the year when all junior girls can dress up and feel like a princess.


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