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SOR Halloween Dance Party – What Really Happened

An otherwise successful fundraising dance party to benefit the Montclair High School Sisters on the Runway club at the Montclair Chill this evening was cut short when three MHS teens were taken by ambulance to Mountainside Hospital as a result of suspected intoxication. A fourth teen was sent home by police. Despite ample security provided by the venue, Montclair Chill, with body checks and behavior observations conducted at the door, several students began exhibiting signs of intoxication a short time after they had arrived. Police were called after the first incident for the safety of the incapacitated student and for the rest of the partygoers. The majority of the approximately 600 high school students who attended came for a night of dancing and fun with classmates before Montclair police shut down the event two hours early at approximately 10 p.m.  Having the evening cut short was a huge disappointment to the dancing crowd who paid for tickets in advance to attend and support the fundraiser for SOR, an organization that raises funds for a local battered women’s shelter.

As a co-president of SOR and planner of this evening’s party along with Linda Meliani and Ayanda Thusi, tonight’s experience was unfortunate, but we are thankful for all the support that was given and the good intentions of hundreds of our fellow classmates. While our volunteer teacher chaperones and security personnel hired for the evening could not have prevented students from consuming alcohol prior to the start of the event, we are disturbed and concerned that three of our classmates became ill and hospitalized. We hope for their speedy recovery. The presidents and members of Sisters on the Runway worked extremely hard on this fundraising event and are proud of our accomplishments. Many thanks to all the students who came out to support the cause and acted responsibly.


2 thoughts on “SOR Halloween Dance Party – What Really Happened

  1. How unfortunate!

    Posted by Anonymous | October 27, 2012, 1:49 am
  2. I want my $10 back! Success?! This was a fiasco! smh always trying to rip people off these days. btw the DJ’s sucked

    Posted by Anonymous | October 27, 2012, 3:13 pm

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