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Back to School Essentials

Lets face it; whether we like it or not the first day of school is rapidly approaching. While trying to enjoy your last glorious day of summer break, the burden of back-to-school stress can feel overwhelming! From figuring out your schedule to having the right school supplies, your first day can seem scary. However, with these essential back-to-school products and helpful tips you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

  1. Tissues: Although the bathrooms are well kept during the first few days of school, it won’t be long before toilet paper starts to run scarce. Having tissues on hand ensures you won’t break a sweat searching the bathroom for some toilet paper.
  2. Compact Umbrella: When everyone gasps at the buckets of rain pouring down outside right before your next class in the other building, you’ll be prepared to brave the storms. Keeping a small, inexpensive umbrella in your school bag is a smart and easy way to ensure that a lunch-time trip to Valley Road isn’t cancelled because of a little rain.
  3. Sweatshirt: As the days get shorter and colder, having a sweatshirt closeby will keep you comfortable when the windows are opened a bit too much in class. Stick this in your locker so you don’t have to worry about bringing one to school everyday. When the temperature drops, you’ll thank yourself for storing that extra piece of warmth in your locker. (One for your gym locker is also great for those times your teacher decides the class needs a little fresh air.)
  4. Money Pouch + Change: Having a money pouch on hand with a little emergency money will save the day when you forget a lunch or find yourself dying of thirst after gym class. Carry small bills or change around for a quick snack at the vending machines (when you get change back, put it in your pouch so you don’t loose it!)
  5. Extra Schedule: The first day of school brings in a lot of added stress, especially when figuring out where your classes are. To ensure that you don’t lose your schedule, make an extra copy the night before. If your schedule has gone MIA, you’ll have a backup.
  6. Reusable Water Bottle: Instead of buying a $1 water bottle everytime you’re thirsty, bring a reusable bottle to fill up at the water fountains located around the school.
  7. Be early: Arriving a few minutes early to school on the first day will do you wonders! It will give you extra time to find your homeroom and maybe even scope out your classrooms.
  8. Don’t stress-out: If you’re feeling anxious and stressed over scheduling changes, teacher placement, or the loads of homework coming your way, take a few deep breaths and think of something that makes you laugh.  It does help!


One thought on “Back to School Essentials

  1. dis tru becuz sometimes i wan go to valloley but becuz it rain i dnt get to go so now i wil bring umbrella thx you oprah!!!!1!/1!!!1!!#@1

    Posted by Tuna | September 4, 2012, 11:11 pm

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