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Class of 2012 Senior Prank Hits a Nerve

Students aiming to enter school through the Midland Ave. entrance this morning were redirected by a frustrated looking Mr. Jefferies and another administrator who were surveying the damage. What damage you might ask? The class of 2012 senior prank. On the side of the main gym, the presumed MHS students wrote in large lettering “2012” with profane phrases in chalk. The chalk graffiti was also accompanied by thrown confetti and words written in ketchup on a few sidewalks. Googly eyes and various types of confetti were sprinkled across the school lawn. It was also rumored today that maple syrup and ketchup had been poured over the side door and was found before school started.

Regardless of the small inconvenience the prank made for students, many students who I talked to were not amused or impressed with the class of 2012’s prank. During first period, after seeing the damage themselves, sophomores openly displayed their feelings about the defacement. Tatyana Sinclair said, “It’s not funny at all; it’s just really dumb”, and Jack SaFranko told me he thought the prank was “stupid”. Also feeling that the prank was not funny, Sarah B. pointed out that the pranksters will not be responsible for cleaning up the mess they created; “I think that senior pranks are inconsiderate. It’s really disrespectful for students to deface school grounds and make a mess that the janitors will have to clean up. Teachers and staff have helped the seniors for four years, and writing “f*ck school” on a wall is a real slap in the face. I think that there are much funnier and more creative ways to pull a prank without being vulgar, making a mess, or potentially hurting anyone.” The scene on Midland Ave. was a hot topic all day and prompted a few teachers to recall past MHS and other schools’ senior pranks gone wrong. After seeing pictures of the prank during the day, history teacher Ms. Panayev reacted by saying, “I’m disgusted! We have spent 12 years educating these students and this is how they demonstrate their goodbye.”

Update: MHS senior Drisana Hughes said she thinks that, “as long as everything is safe and doesn’t harm anyone there’s really no issue with a senior prank at the high school. Its been happening for years and it will continue to happen, its a harmless ritual that marks an end of an era for many people. I thought the prank was very funny and as long as no one is hurt, I had no problem with it.”

While the 2012 senior windows were set up yesterday for graduating students to write their names on in temporary paint pen to leave their mark for the whole school to see, apparently this school-sanctioned activity wasn’t enough for some students. The prank caused MHS students to ponder the effect they have on the jobs of hard-working custodians who keep our school clean everyday, as well as prompted some to question how far is too far when it comes to pranks. Even though the chalk was washed away by the end of 2nd period and the confetti was blown into a corner, this year’s senior prank left a lasting impact on MHS.


One thought on “Class of 2012 Senior Prank Hits a Nerve

  1. I think this year’s senior prank was disrespectful. I’m all for having fun and celebrating senior year, but profanity is inappropriate.

    Posted by Susannah Keys | May 21, 2012, 11:34 pm

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