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The Election: “a Big Bite is Better than no Bite at All”

On Tuesday, CGI presidential and vice presidential candidates spent the final debate trying to win over as many students as possible before tomorrow’s election. This final debate gave the student body a good idea of exactly what each team, not just the president, would do if elected for next year’s term. With the candidates ranging from great talkers, jokesters and “black horses”, CGI students are really going to have to think hard about this election.

To open up the debate, the candidates were asked what they thought was CGI’s biggest flaw, here’s what each team said:

Steven/Gabe: Current recruiting is weak and needs to be improved to achieve the commonly desired diverse CGI body.

Mabel/Hayden: That CGI currently has a reputation of being only for snooty politics buffs and we should aim to welcome different types of people with varied interests.

Justin/Cole: Most people think all CGI students do is work and that if you join CGI you will be consumed with homework. Next year we should aim to make CGI more fun and enjoyable while still doing good work.

Jake/Jackson: During recruiting CGI should emphasize honors programs so that incoming sophomores know that they don’t have to take their history and English courses at the AP level.

Jessie/Kyle: The student body is so focused on the government aspect and not the civics of CGI, and especially during recruiting we need to emphasize this and be more truthful in advertising what CGI does.

In regard to one pressing issue for CGI this year, the candidates for the most part agreed on a joint versus split congress for next year:

Steven/Gabe: Based on a recent Facebook poll, and in an effort to make 2nd period less complicated, this team is in support of a joint congress.

Mabel/Hayden: If logistics allow next year, considering that CGI is getting bigger and bigger, this team would like to have a joint congress to form “one whole voice” of the body as opposed to sectioned off groups.

Justin/Cole: This team would like to conduct polls that everyone would take to see what the majority of students want, and whatever that is, these two will fight for it.

Jake/Jackson: Also based on recent Facebook polls, Jake and Jackson would want to see a joint congress next year.

Jessie/Kyle: In an effort to pass more legislation and avoid bills constantly only passing in one congress or another, this former and current rules chair duo would like to see a joint congress in place next year.

The third question asked of the candidates really brought out the true personality of each presidential team: In your opinion, what is your biggest campaign flaw? 

Steven/Gabe: Steven very honestly commented that he needs to improve his public speaking skills in order to be the best leader he can be. Unlike all of the other tickets, the vice president on this ticket (Gabe) is a sophomore, so he mentioned that he may not have as much experience as some other vp candidates.

Mabel/Hayden: Mabel woke the whole crowd up a bit when she commented that her team’s biggest campaign flaw was that they “are not obnoxious enough”. She followed up this comment by saying that instead of focusing all of their energy on campaigning, she and Hayden are putting forth concrete ideas for the coming year.

Justin/Cole: Justin commented on a personal note that he is very stubborn and that he talks too much, but he also pointed out that he and Cole have some very ambitious goals for the coming year that may be too much to tackle.

Jake/Jackson: Jake said that some people don’t think he has accomplished enough as the Class of 2013 president and that he and his partner have some very large goals for CGI next year.

Jessie/Kyle: Jessie said that she and Kyle’s biggest flaw is that they are not the most “popular” people in CGI and that they need to branch out. She also said that she and Kyle are self-proclaimed “realists” who are not going to set lofty goals that they know they cannot accomplish; sparking Jackson Brietzke’s comment that, “It is better to take a big bite then no bite at all!”

The next question asked of the candidates was specifically aimed at the vice presidential runners: Considering that a VP’s position is more behind the scenes, how will you make sure your voice is heard?

Gabe: This sophomore said that he would like to maintain access to the student body socially and through Facebook, and that he really wants to support his running-mate through his endeavors.

Hayden: Hayden said that if elected as VP he would expand on Mabel’s ideas and contribute his own opinions as well as work actively on improving CGI.

Cole: Cole said that he would stick by Justin and make sure that as a team they worked to the best of their abilities.

Jackson: Jake’s VP commented that he is more quiet and that he will try to take more of a public leadership role as well as start fun activities, referencing Vice President Hughes’ knitting club.

Kyle: Kyle referenced his current role as rules chair saying that he will continue to be responsible as well as make sure Jessie is doing what she needs to be to get work done efficiently.

The final question asked at this debate was: As a team, what separates your ticket from the rest?

Steven/Gabe: Steven and Gabe are different because next year, if elected, they would be a senior/junior duo. 

Mabel/Hayden: Mabel and Hayden said that they had the most concrete ideas already laid out for next year. They would aim to have specialized department events and would appoint a webmaster to revitalize the CGI website.

Justin/Cole: Justin commented that he has lived all over the world, so he draws from many different cultural experiences. He also said that he knew he and his running mate would be an unstoppable team considering that they made it through the death of Justin’s mom together.

Jake/Jackson: Jake referrenced that he has been in the Executive department for the last two years, so he knows how to be productive and get things done as president.

Jessie/Kyle: Jessie repeated that she and Kyle won’t shoot too high in terms of goals to assure that they will get everything accomplished as planned.

Tomorrow’s election should be exciting – vote wisely!


One thought on “The Election: “a Big Bite is Better than no Bite at All”

  1. everyone’s was great. a solid outline!

    Posted by Anonymous | March 11, 2012, 10:23 pm

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