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Rev Your Engines for the Car Club

Are you a car nut? If so, you’ll definitely want to head over to Car Club to get your weekly fix. Founded by Steven DeSalvo and Zane Schwartz, the goal of this club is to create a place where people can get together and talk about cars in a social setting. According to Steven, meetings, which he points out are very relaxed, usually involve talking about car news such as recent releases, races and events. This club is also very dedicated to improving itself, and discussions on ways to move toward positive change are held regularly and are open to all. Finally, Steven mentions that this club, while focused on cars, doubles as a social hangout with time for just getting to know new people and talking about whatever is on their minds.

Currently, the club is working toward the goal of buying a cheap car and fixing it up at a local garage by selling lanyard key chains. They are also planning on holding a Forza Motorsport 4 tournament, (a.k.a “”The Best Racing Game in the World” according to GamePro), to raise money. If you don’t know what Forza 4 is, we suggest you check out the game trailer at the bottom of this page because, even to someone who has little interest in cars, it looks like a pretty cool game. In addition to raising money, Car Club is also considering writing its own newsletter about car news, going to some car shows, and possibly taking a trip to the Grand Prix of America in June of 2013.

Overall, this club strives to include everybody, even if you don’t know a thing about cars. They always welcome new members, including interested females. Come check out Car Club in Room 224 on Thursdays after school.


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