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The Clean Potty Search

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Paper towels. Chewed gum. Gum wrappers. Weave. Spit. These are only a few of the many things you might find in the sinks of girls bathrooms at MHS. Not only does the presence of these items in the sink make it hard, if not impossible to wash your hands – it’s completley gross. And if you have made it to washing your hands, you’re lucky. Most of the time when you visit the bathroom it’s a miracle to find a stall clean enough to use. Now, I’m not trying to be picky or hold school bathrooms to the standards of cleanliness that I have grown accustomed to at home, but when nature calls and there is either a) no toilet paper in sight b) a roll of toilet paper sitting in the toilet or c) used sanitary products floating in the bowl, I think the line of basic decency has been crossed.

Last week, nature called and sent me on a hunt to find a bathroom that didn’t make me want to vomit at the sight of it.  Being nearby, I tried the 2nd science wing bathroom, only to find that there was no toilet paper available, except on the floor. En route to find another bathroom, I ran into a friend and asked where she was going. Her reply was that she was trying to find a bathroom with toilet paper, so she joined me on the search. We found the 1st floor bathroom in the math wing to be no better and decided that the 3rd floor bathroom would, hopefully, be our best bet. Luckily, three’s a charm, but this frequent occurence proves that there is a serious problem with the girl’s bathrooms that needs to be addressed. In this case, I don’t believe that students can blame the school for this mess. I assume that the janitors don’t enjoy fishing out rolls of toilet paper out of dirty school toilets. Where is the consideration, not only for the janitors, but for fellow classmates? Many students seem to take for granted that they can make messes at school and some paid custodian will just clean them up. Imagine what it must be like going to work and cleaning up after a handfull of disrespectful girls who destroy bathrooms on a daily basis. To the guilty parties: what gives? There will come a day when you, too, will desperately need to use the bathroom and may likely find unusable toilets and sinks. Feel like taking the clean potty search?

Comment below and tell us what you think about MHS bathrooms. Are you left to the clean potty search when nature calls?


2 thoughts on “The Clean Potty Search

  1. in the boys bathrooms people shave in the sinks

    Posted by Anonymous | November 20, 2011, 11:05 pm
  2. I agree! This totally needs to be addressed! Great article!

    Posted by sew2296 | May 7, 2012, 7:17 pm

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