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Aroy-D Comes to MHS

Thai Iced Tea at Aroy-D truck

When the QBA Cuban food truck ended their daily lunch-time visits to MHS, they left students with one less tasty and healthy lunch option on campus. This void has been filled with no, not another Cuban truck, but a Thai one! Aroy-D, or “the elephant truck” has recently taken residence on the far side of Rand Park on North Fullerton Ave. from 10:30 to 1. Their simple selection of Thai dishes, all priced at $5, are portioned generously and served hot, fresh from the stove. One highlight of this truck is that they offer combos for those who would like to try multiple things on a budget. I had a chicken satay and chicken fried rice combo that warmed me up while eating outside in 46 degree weather. We also sampled some Thai iced tea, which is very interesting in both color and taste, but none the less, a cultural experience. The crowd huddled around the truck was dominated mostly by freshman, maybe because of the truck’s proximity to the Annex cafeteria, but it could be that upper classmen don’t want to make the trek to Aroy-D, considering it’s out of the way location. If you are coming from the main building, make sure to get to this truck early to avoid a line. Smiles all around, this truck has proved to be a great option for lunch, providing a cultural experience and generous portions.
Aroy-D contact info: follow their twitter here, and like their facebook page here                                                                                                



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